A Primer of Drug Action

A Primer of Drug Action – Julien, Advokat and Comaty

While not the primary author, contributors Dr. Claire Advokat and Dr. Joseph Comaty are the writing associates for long-time expert Dr. Robert Julien for the 11th edition of the enduring textbook, A Primer of Drug Action.

The first edition was published over 30 years ago, and the work has evolved right along with the science of psychopharmacology, with new discoveries and findings integrated and explained through 21 chapters. Primer continues to be the definitive work on psychopharmacology of drugs and how they impact the mind and behavior of individuals.

Drs. Advokat and Comaty bring their many contributions in the field of psychology and psychopharmacology research to this publication, and provide the second chairs in this indispensable text of biological psychology and neuroscience.

Worth Publishers note that, “With over 40% new research citations, there is no clearer, more current presentation available on the mechanisms of drug action, etiologies of major psychological disorders, rationales for drug treatment, and the uses of psychopharmacology in patient care.” The publisher’s website includes a workbook section where instructors and students can log on to review key concepts, take quizzes, and support the educational experience with a variety of tools

“Once any of it is written,” Claire said, “It goes to Joe or Julien and then back. There are layers and layers in the writing.” Between Claire and Joe, the writing process is “surprisingly smooth.” She said that Joe is a great resource for the work. “I focus on the neuroscience. Bob’s a PhD and MD, but not a psychiatrist or psychologist. Joe’s the clinician, and it’s great to have a spouse so knowledgeable.” Bob Julien has recently asked Claire and Joe if they would complete about 50 percent of the 2011 edition, and they have agreed.

Claire Advokat received her Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology from Rutgers and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Division of Neurobiology and Behavior, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. She came to LSU from the Department of Pharmacology at the U. of Illinois, and here focuses on her primary research interest, Psychopharmacology. “My primary interest is in understanding the clinical effectiveness and the mechanism of action of drugs used in the treatment of mental illness…”

Joseph Comaty is Chief Psychologist/Medical Psychologist, HIPAA Privacy Officer, and Director of the Division of Policy, Standards, and Quality Assurance of the Louisiana State Office of Mental Health. He holds an adjunct faculty appointment at LSU where he collaborates with Claire in research that helps to address why some medications are less effective in practical applications than indicated from results from controlled clinical trials. His primary area of research is clinical psychopharmacology.

A Primer of Drug Action can be purchased at the publishers’ web site: www.worthpublishers.com or at your online bookseller.

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