Smart For Life: How to Improve Your Brain Power at Any Age

by Michael D. Chafetz, Ph.D.

Penguin Books, 1992

Mike followed N & N with Smart for Life, building on his expertise in neuroscience and writing a practical and interesting trade paperback that became a popular tool for those wishing to support their cognitive functioning for any reason. In the book he integrated biochemistry, general health and neuroscience information to build a knowledgeable and useful manual for clients dealing with cognitive decline or wanting to improve functioning.

Smart for Life is loaded with clever, interesting activities and is written in a conversational and encouraging style. He gives advice covering “Making Your Brain Smarter,” “Eating the Right Brain Foods: Nutrients for Brain Exercise,” “The Brain’s Other Chemical Environment,” and “Toning Up Your Brain,” in “Part One: Keeping the Brain Fit.” In “Part Two: Exercising the Brain,” Mike lays out specific ideas and tasks in “Exercising Your Brain’s Spatial Abilities,” “Talking to Your Brain,” “Improving Your Brain’s Memory,” “Your Logical Brain,” and “Creating a Creative Brain.” In the last section, “Part Three: Brain Exercise Regimens,” he explains how to put it all together in “Fitting It In.” Smart for Life is still being used and even Mother Nature (.com) refers to if for health advice. Michael Chafetz, Ph.D., ABPP, is in active practice in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology in New Orleans. He provides therapy and evidence-based neuropsychological assessment for cases involving head injury, stroke, toxicity, MS, dementia, and other neurodegenerative processes.

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