LSBEP Publishes Rules for Ethics, Fees, Supervision

The Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (LSBEP) published its final version of the new Chapter 13. Ethical Standards of Psychologists,” composed of ten pages of guidelines based largely on the ethics code of the American Psychological Association. The Rules was published in the June issue of the Louisiana Register.

Sections include: Preamble, Resolving Ethical Issues, Competence, Human Relations, Privacy and Confidentiality, Advertising and Other Public Statements, Record Keeping and Fees, Education and Training, Assessment, and Therapy.

The psychology board also published a new Rule for Chapter 6 of the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) on Fees. License renewals are increased from $320 to $350 and the Emeritus category will go up from $150 to $175. Reinstatement fees drop from $570 to $550.

Additional changes to Chapter 7 on Supervised Practice Leading toward Licensure, includes “Postdoctoral supervised practice hours can begin accruing after the date on which all requirements for the doctoral degree are met, …” For Licensed Specialists in School Psychology, a change is made to Chapter 33, Definition of Applicant for Licensure as a Specialist in School Psychology. Included is, “5. has completed an internship of at least 1200 hours and nine months in duration, …” with 600 hours in a school setting; .. Also, one year of employment or experience, obtained as part of an acceptable internship may be applied toward required supervision.

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