Gov. Pledges to Close Gaps in Mental Health

Governor Edwards released his Healthy Families Agenda, a plan to make Louisiana a healthier state in his second term.

In a press release August 30, he pledged to close gaps in the mental health system if re-elected. In the release the Gov. said he will build on those first term successes by:

• Keeping the rural hospitals open
• Closing the gaps in the mental health system
• Eliminating Hepatitis C in Louisiana
• Reducing maternal mortality by 20%
• Getting every Louisiana birthing facility to participate in the fight to reduce maternal mortality
• Lowering prescription drug costs
• Continuing the fight against opioid addiction
• Drastically reducing the waiting list for home and community-based health services for older adults
• Continuing to break records for the number of children adopted out of foster care

“Louisiana is much better off today than we were four years ago, in part because our people are healthier. My decision to expand Medicaid has cut our uninsured rate by more than half, created thousands of jobs, and most importantly saved lives. But we have more to do. In my second term we can build on our successes, using innovative approaches to keep our rural hospitals open, lower drug costs, reduce maternal mortality, and fight infectious disease. Let’s keep moving Louisiana forward, to a happier and healthier future,” said Gov. Edwards.

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