Psychology Board Holds Long Range Meeting & Rules Hearing

The state psychology board held a meeting on October 10 and 11 to review and discuss their objectives for the 2019– 2020 fiscal year, and to conduct a public hearing to review Rules.

The public hearing was held 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Thursday, October 10 at the board’s offices on South Sherwood Forest Boulevard in Baton Rouge. The stated goal of the hearing was to conform with Act 454 of the 2018 legislative session so that interested persons have
the opportunity to comment on any of the many Rules of the board, especially when the person believes the rule might be “…contrary to law, outdated, unnecessary, overly complex, heart burdensome,” noted the board’s agenda hand officials.

The chair, Dr. Koren Boggs, said that her goal was to discuss the objectives for the next year and “Tighten up our policies and procedures, to be consistent with rules and law.”

The board meeting was conducted by Dr. Boggs an attended by members Dr. Amy Henke, Vice Chair, Dr. Gina Gibson, Dr. Gregory Gormanous, Dr. Michelle Moore and Executive Director Jaime Monic and board attorney Courtney Newton.

Also attending were representatives of the Louisiana Psychological Association (LPA) Dr. Kim VanGeffen, Co-Chair of LPA Professional Affairs, and LPA President Dr. Alan Coulter. Also attending were Dr. Joe Comaty, Dr. Darlyne Nemeth, and joining at the luncheon were attorneys Lloyd Lunceford and Amy Lowe.

Past-member of the board, Dr. Jesse Lambert, and Dr. Carmen Broussard, who served on the Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Advisory Committee, attended and were honored at the luncheon on Thursday.

During the formal hearing on Thursday morning, verbal and written comments were provided on topics such as examinations, continuing education, supervision and other Rules.

The agenda for the long-range planning meeting included a discussion of comments received during the morning hearing and efforts to apply for comments and develop objectives for moving forward in the coming year.

Honors Drs. Broussard and Lambert for Service Psychology Board Holds Long-Range Meeting & Rules Hearing, cont’d Specifics topics listed were policy revisions to the oral examination process, specialty designation versus health services provider or general applied psychologist labeling, and adopting opinions and guidelines for tele-supervision. Also listed for discussion was registration of unlicensed assistants, issues related to a masters level licensing, and reciprocal licensing.

Additionally, topics to have been discussed included jurisprudence examinations and the EPPP2.

Finally, topics regarding continuing education requirements, complaint adjudication process, and any other requests for changes in the rules received during the earlier hearing, were to be included in the two-day event.

The board recently sent out a survey to licensees requesting their opinions about continuing education hours and the amount of formal versus informal credits required, and also polling licensees about the use of psychological assistants.

The rules hearing was mandated by Act 454 of the regular 2018 Legislative Session.

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