Psychology Board to Hold Rules Critique and Long-Range Meeting

On Thursday, October 10, the state psychology board will hold a hearing so that the public can give feedback on the Louisiana Administrative Law affecting licensed psychologists, also known as “Rules.” Thursday afternoon will include the board’s annual discussion about long-range plans.

The board gave notice for the Rule’s critique session stating that the “… purpose of allowing any interested person the opportunity to comment on any rule of the agency which the person believes is contrary to law, outdated, unnecessary, overly complex, or burdensome,” said the notice from the board.

The hearing to critique old Rules is mandated by a law passed in 2018 and authored by Representative Mark Wright. The law notes that an agency shall consider fully all written and oral comments and submissions concerning its rules.

The agency is to advise persons who provide oral comments that in order to be submitted to the legislative oversight committees, comments must be submitted in writing. The law also states that the agency is to issue a response to each submission describing the principal advantages and disadvantages of the rule changes suggested in the submission.

According to the Louisiana Psychological Association’s Chair of Professional Affairs, Dr. Kim VanGeffen, “In 2018, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law––Act 454––which requires Louisiana public agencies, such as our licensing board, to hold periodic public hearings to allow any interested person the opportunity to comment on any of the agencies rules which it believes may be ‘contrary to law, outdated, unnecessary, overly complex, or burdensome,’ ” VanGeffen said last month to members of the state psychology association. “The Board will also receive written comments to be submitted into the record until Wednesday, October 9th, 2019.”

In the afternoon, explained VanGeffen, the Board will hold its long range planning meeting and discuss issues which affect psychology licensure and enforcement matters likely in the coming year or years.

“Topics to be addressed include revisions to the oral examination process, the EPPP2 and several potential rule changes––specialty designations, continuing education requirements, the jurisprudence examination, tele psychology/tele supervision, and the adjudication process,” VanGeffen said.

According to the July minutes, the new Board Chair, Dr. Koren Boggs “… discussed the goals and objectives she would like accomplished for her final year on the Board stating that there are a lot of items that have been ongoing discussions that she would like to see through including oral exam procedures, resolving or refining procedures related to recognizing program specialties versus health service provider versus whether we have any designations at all; conducting a thorough review of our regulations to make sure our Thursday, Oct 10 Psychology Board to Hold Rules Critique and Long-Range Meeting procedures are in line with how the statutes and rules are written; review regulations and procedures for determining degree equivalency; and review procedures and regulations for assessing competencies.”

The board considered changes to the Continuing Professional Development Rules in October last year and some in the community objected, saying that the change would broaden the board’s authority to approve providers of professional training. After a follow-up meeting, the  issues were tabled until further study.

According to the May 2019 minutes, “The board reviewed CPD rules and discussed the current rules, problems with current rules, administrating current rules, previous rules.

The board focused their discussion on minimum requirements necessary to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competence in order to keep pace with trending or developing areas of practice for public protection versus requiring maximum standards to force development of personal qualities, attitudes, capabilities, or professional socialization, and how such maximum requirements actually play a role in public protection or the board’s ability to regulate such requirements.

“Following extensive discussion, Dr. Lambert called for motions on setting a direction for revising the CPD Rules. Dr. Boggs moved in favor of researching the option of returning to the basic model of ontinuing education requirements and reducing the number of biannual hours to 20 and requiring formal approved sponsored activities (quality over quantity).”

In July, Ms. Monic provided the Board with draft rules based on LSBEP original Continuing Education rules which were in place prior to initiating new requirements based on ASPPB’s Continuing Professional development model.

To attend the upcoming public meeting, Executive Director announced that, “Individuals may confirm their attendance via USPS at 4334 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite C-150, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 or via email at This will assist LSBEP with planning for an adequate venue.”

All Rules can be found on the licensing board website under “Laws, Rules and Guidelines,” or on the state’s website for Louisiana Administrative Code. All meetings are open to the public, except during certain executive sessions.

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