Governor Announces “Internet for All” Initiative Jointly with NTIA

Along with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information  Administration (NTIA), Governor Edwards announced that Louisiana will participate in the  “Internet for All” initiative, a program designed to provide high-speed internet for all Americans at an affordable cost. The initiative, which will build internet infrastructure, provide pertinent  technology, and teach digital skills to community members, will invest $65 billion in the project  and will be funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

“Partnering with Commerce/NTIA will allow Louisiana to achieve what we thought was  impossible. We will now have the financial resources necessary to once and for all eliminate the  digital divide in Louisiana. We are grateful to both Secretary Raimondo and Assistant Secretary Davidson of NTIA for their leadership and partnership. Over the past several years, our Broadband Office (ConnectLa) has worked hard to align resources between federal, state, and  local officials to take full advantage of this historic broadband funding opportunity. We look forward to partnering with the people of Louisiana to make closing the divide a reality,” said  Gov. Edwards.

Louisiana plans to invest $5 million in planning funds, and each state will be awarded support  from dedicated NTIA staff to catalyze and complete the project. Each participating state will  receive at least $100 million in funds to help implement the scope of the project.

“Generations before us brought electricity to rural America and built the interstate highways,”  said Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information. “Our generation’s task is to connect all Americans online. […]”








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