Bill to Improve Mental Health for Incarcerated Passes House 94 to 0

Rep. Selders is proposing in House Bill 55 to improve treatment of incarcerated individuals with mental health issues needs, referred to as “The Mental Healing Justice for Incarcerated People Act.” The measure passed the House and was reported favorably out of the Senate Committee. It is pending Senate Floor action.

The proposed law states that legislative intent is access to high-quality mental health services, regardless of the setting, and that the state wholly supports efforts to assist incarcerated individuals suffering from severe and persistent mental illnesses, including post-incarceration syndromes, in their efforts to navigate incarceration and reentry into society.

HB 55 amends present law to make the establishment of resources and programs mandatory. The proposed law provides that the qualified mental health persons within the multi-disciplinary service team shall establish a training program to be conducted annually.







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