Louisiana Department of Health Releases Outcomes Report––Meets 91% of its 45 Goals

In a Nov. 27 announcement, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) released its annual Outcomes Report detailing the results of key initiatives and policy goals for FY 2023. LDH was successful in completing 91.1% of its 45 goals and 92.5% of its 253 deliverables outlined in the FY 2023 LDH business plan titled “Invest: Teaming Up for a Stronger LDH and a Healthier Louisiana.”

According to officials, goals were selected from a range of policy priorities and include addressing chronic disease; improving maternal health; expanding Medicaid policies that address environmental health risks; expanding the behavioral health system’s capacity; and improving services for citizens with developmental disabilities, among others.

LDH had five major categories designed to make measurable improvements: Improve health and well-being across the lifespan of Louisianans; Support vulnerable and underserved populations; Invest in and empower #TeamLDH; Improve performance, accountability and compliance; and Strengthen customer service, partnerships and community relations.

“Improving health outcomes for all Louisianans is critical, and the Department of Health has made tremendous progress in implementing policies that address some of the biggest health challenges facing our state, including chronic diseases, maternal health, behavioral health and overall access to quality medical care for all of our hardworking individuals and families,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Childhood Experiences and executing trauma-informed care, more families throughout Louisiana can work towards being happier, healthier and readily have access to the care they need,” said Louisiana First Lady Donna H. Edwards.

“The Department’s dedication to addressing the mental health crisis in Louisiana is both commendable and essential. LDH’s involvement in the launch of the Louisiana 988, alongside the efforts of the Office of Behavioral Health, is a significant step towards ensuring Louisianans in crisis have access to the support they need,” said State Representative Laurie Schlegel, District 82.

Tonja Myles, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Set Free Indeed Ministry, said, “Louisiana 988 has quickly proven to be a critical source of 24/7 mental health support. Upon its launch, many Louisianans were unaware of this crucial resource. However, LDH has made significant progress in promoting this important tool, which is becoming more widely utilized and known during a time of mental health crisis in our state. I look forward to seeing the continued usage and promotion of 988, aimed at reaching our most vulnerable residents in their time of need.”

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