Dr. Nemeth Elected To World Council For Psychotherapy

Dr. Darlyne Nemeth, Baton Rouge psychologist, has been elected as Co-Secretary for the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP), headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Nemeth recently returned from the WCP 2011 World Congress in Sydney, Australia, where she accepted the position for the international group.

“WCP is a multi-disciplinary organization that is focused on alleviating emotional suffering,” she explained. “We are highly trained psychotherapists who do clinical work, research, teaching, administration, or any combination therein. Our president, Dr. Pritz, is also founder of the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria, which is dedicated to educating psychotherapists.”

Dr. Kelly Ray, Baton Rouge psychologist and 2010 President of Louisiana Psychological Association, serves as a VP for the United States for the WCP. Dr. Judith Kuriansky, a New York psychologist who has been involved closely with Dr. Nemeth’s outreach programs following environmental disasters in Louisiana, is the United Nations delegate for the WCP.

According to the WCP website, one of the goals is to promote psychotherapy on all continents of the world, in accordance with the Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy of 1990. Another goal is to cooperate with national and international organizations in peacekeeping and conflict management measures.

Nemeth said, “WCP is in the process of developing a database to be used for gatekeepers. These individuals will be Certified by WCP to guide the first and second responders to environmental trauma sites so that they can be helpful, rather than in the way, like they were during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They will not do the interventions not will the offer Psychological First Aid. More important, they will facilitate the work of others. We have learned from Katrina…how important this is.”

WCP website is www.wcp.org.

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