Changes Proposed for Fees, CPD, Neuropsychology, and Emertius

The Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists is proposing changes to fees, the continuing education rules, training, credentials and scope of practice for Neuropsychology specialty designation, and the rules for using an Emeritus title.

The proposed changes were noticed in the November issue of the Louisiana Register.

Changes to the continuing education requirements include the addition of two hours required credit for training in multiculturalism or diversity.

C. Within each reporting period, two of the required hours or credits of continuing professional development must be within the area of multiculturalism or diversity in accordance with the  limitations specified in §807.

Additionally, changes to continuing education include the board becoming a sponsor of training and new language for those wanting approval to offer continuing education.

The board also proposes to reinstall the Emeritus title for retired psychologists who are no  longer practicing psychology.

According to the notice:

§905. Psychologists Emeritus: Retired

A. A psychologist emeritus: retired is eligible to renew their emeritus status license provided  they submit such renewal application along with the annual renewal fee at the reduced rate  established under Chapter 6 of this Part; and are fully retired from the practice of psychology,  not rendering psychological services in any form, and are not engaging in any activity that might be construed as the practice of psychology within the state of Louisiana.

B. A psychologist emeritus is eligible to renew their current license until July 31 of each year upon submission of the required renewal fee and renewal application form and on showing that the licensee:

1. has been a licensed psychologist for a minimum of 20 years; 2. has no outstanding  complaints or ethical violations; 3. s subject to the LSBEP ethics code; 4. is retired from the  practice of psychology; 5. is only able to use the title psychologist emeritus: retired; 6. is not  required to complete CPD unless they want to reinstate as specified in Subsection C below.

C. A psychologist emeritus: retired is eligible to reinstate their status to Licensed Psychologist  and resume the independent practice of psychology in Louisiana upon submission of a  reinstatement application for licensure including the required reinstatement fee and fulfillment  of all continuing professional development requirements as defined under this Chapter, provided they are not in violation of any of the provisions of the Louisiana Revised Statutes,  Title 37 Chapter 28. Psychologists.

D. A psychologist emeritus returning to full practice after five or more years shall be subject to an oral examination prior to reinstatement to the status of licensed psychologist.

E. A licensee who renews their emeritus status shall be exempt from continuing professional development requirements. The Emeritus title was removed by the 2014-2015 board, because it confuses the public, said 2014 board chair Dr. Rita Culross.








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