Office of Behavioral Health Celebrates 988 Crisis Line Success

The Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) is celebrating the  anniversary of the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline this July with a focus on growth, increased  capacity and the lives that are being changed with increased access to mental health  resources. Call volume has increased 11% since launch in July 2022, according to the news  release.

“We are proud of the work we have done to increase awareness of the 988 Lifeline, which has  been a valuable resource for Louisianans in crisis. The Lifeline offers hope and reassurance instantly with compassionate, professional intervention through calls, texts and chats, helping  to reduce stigma and build a healthier Louisiana,” said LDH Secretary Stephen Russo.

OBH set a goal of reaching vulnerable populations and expanding the reach of this important  mental health resource. OBH also led an effort to increase the in-state answer rate, recognizing that Louisiana-staffed call centers were best positioned to understand local culture, direct  callers to additional mental health resources and have familiarity with local stressors such as  natural disasters.

“Louisiana’s trained call center responders have been working to provide a robust response to  crisis situations and to Louisiana residents who are experiencing emotional stress over the last year, and we know that their work has saved lives,” said OBH Assistant Secretary Karen Stubbs. “Our goal with 988 has been to reduce the stigma around mental health, remove barriers and ensure Louisiana residents can make additional connections to local resources. We are making  significant progress, but we hope to expand our reach even more as we begin our second year   of 988.”

Since launch, call volume for 988 has increased by 11%, and the in-state answer rate rose from  64% in June 2022 to a rate ranging from 85% to 91% over the last year. The Lifeline offers specialized supports to veterans and their families, Spanish speakers, LGBTQ+ youth, and deaf  and hard of hearing people. Veterans, service members and their families (press 1) Spanish speakers (press 2) LGBTQ+ youth and people under the age of 25 (press 3) Deaf and hard of  hearing people (use your preferred relay service or dial 711 then 988) 988 is also offering text  and chat for those who prefer not to call. Louisiana has responded to an average of 224 texts  and 157 chats per month since December 2022.

The Louisiana Department of Health includes the Office of Public Health, Office of Aging &  Adult Services, Office of Behavioral Health, Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities,  and Healthy Louisiana (Medicaid).



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