Times Wins Honors at Louisiana Press Assn

The Psychology Times earned second place in the prestigious General Excellence Award for its  division in the Louisiana Press Association Better Newspaper Competition for 2022-2023, announced in late July. The General Excellence honor is sought after by newspapers as a top award in the divisions.

The Times staff members achieved a third place in Best Special Section for their community  awards project. Julie Nelson earned both a second and third place for Best Single Editorial  for her opinion pieces on the medical and healthcare professions and health outcomes in  Louisiana.

Tom Stigall’s photography composition won third place for Best Photo Package. Susan Brown and Jake Nelson-Dooley won second place recognition for Best Overall Website. Jake Nelson-Dooley placed third for his Best Web Project.

The Times-Picayune-New Orleans Advocate, The Ruston Daily Leader, The St. Tammany  Farmer (Covington), The Pointe Coupee Banner, Central City News, and the Loyola Maroon (New Orleans) earned Newspaper of the Year honors in their respective divisions in the Louisiana Press Association competition.

In the Freedom of Information Competition, The Times-Picayune was the winner, writing  about a sexual harassment scandal at a prep school and the efforts by wealthy donors to  cover it up.

The coveted “Freedom of Information” award originally came from an idea that Gordon  Nelson, long-time member of the Press Association and publisher of the Coushatta Citizen,  and Bob Holeman, current Psychology Times journalism consultant, presented to the  Louisiana Press Association in the 1980s.

The late Gordon and Lynn Nelson owned and operated the Coushatta Citizen, and were  parents of the Psychology Times publisher, Julie Nelson. Gordon and Lynn won the first  Freedom of Information award almost four decades ago.



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